Why Choose Us. High Quality Repairs.

 Let's check out what makes Device Service unique for you:

  1. We repair all kinds of mobile electronics devices on the spot. Our main stream is Apple iPhone repairs, iPad repairs, iPod repairs, MacBook repairs, Mobile Phone repairs, Tablet repairs and Laptop repairs. In addition we repair: Desktop Computers, Remote Controls (for TVs, heatpumps, stereos, automatic gates, etc), Car Alarm Controls, etc.

  2. Device Service Ltd is owned and operated by Senior Electronics Technician.

  3. We have successful experience since 2001.

  4. We have certified technicians.

  5. We have the latest diagnostic equipment.

  6. We are certified to the AS/NZS 3760:2010 Electrical Safety Standard.

  7. We do High-Level repairs of liquid damaged motherboards.

  8. We provide free full assessment - if we cannot fix a device, you do not pay anything.

  9. We provide high quality repairs with a rigorous testing procedure.

  10. We offer a 3-month warranty on all our repairs including liquid damaged devices.

  11. We provide fast turnaround.


And of course, Device Service Ltd offers our customers high quality repairs including:

  • Cracked display and touch screen replacements.

  • Speaker, buzzer, microphone, keyboard, side buttons, home button repairs.

  • Housing parts replacements.

  • Mechanical damaged devices repairs.

  • Liquid damaged device repairs.

  • Re-soldering of: internal components, chips, ICs, connectors, microphones, etc.

  • Hardware repairs of: reception, charging, power and battery issues, etc. 

  • WiFi greyed out repairs.

  • Software repairs of: freezing and unexpected problems, virus attacks, etc.

  • Windows OS, Apple iOS, Android OS problems repair.

  • Professional data recovery.

  • And much, much more...


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