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Just 3 simple steps to send your device for repair:

  1. Please contact us for a quote: use the Contact Form on the right, email, text or call.

  2. Pack your device carefully (using foam, bubble wrap or lots of layers of paper towels) and put it in a box or in a protective envelope.

  3. Send your device to: 

      Device Service Ltd, 58 Cascades Road, Pakuranga Heights, Auckland 2010


When we receive your device, we will do a free full assessment:

  1. If we discover any additional issues, we will advise you of any price change and wait for your confirmation to continue with the repair.

  2. If the device is not repairable and you want to reduce electronic waste, we are happy to recycle it. Otherwise, we will return your device unrepaired at no charge.

  3. If you confirm a new quotation, we proceed with the repair and send a notice to you to make a payment.

  4. Once payment is received we will post the device to you.

  5. After you receive your fully working device, please tell your friends about our great service and Like us on Facebook.


Email us for any enquiries.

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